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LS2 Level Shifter and Buffer

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The LS2 level shifter converter is a small module that allows a 3.3V or 5V microprocessor such as an Arduino to drive a 12V signal. This level converter has two supply voltages, one on the left side of the module and one on the right hand side of the module. The left hand side of the module has the input pins and the right hand side has the output pins. The input voltage signals can be higher or lower than the output signals. If the input voltage is lower than the output supply voltage the module increases the size of the output signals. If the input supply voltage voltage is higher than the output supply voltage the module reduces the size of the output signal. Each LS2 module can convert or buffer 12 signals.

Bread board friendly! The LS2 has pins on a 0.1" pitch and the rows are 0.6" apart, just like wide DIP IC's. Each LS2 has 28 pins and can fit in a standard 28 pin wide dip socket. . Can be used with normal serial, SPI and any other digital signals. The LS2 is designed for converting digital signals and does not work with analog signals. The inputs have 500k resitors to ground and unused inputs may be left unconnected. When the input is not driven high the corresponding ouput pin will be low. The output swings close to ground and close to the output voltage level.

The level shifter is very easy to use. The board must be powered from the two voltages sources (high voltage and low voltage) that your system is using. High voltage (12V for example) to the 'Vo' pin, low voltage (5V for example) to 'Vi', and ground from the system to the 'GND' pins. Pins are labeled as In1..In12 and O1..O12. A digital one going to the In1 pin on the lnput (5V) side will show up on the O1 pin on the Output (12V) side as 12V. The input voltage may be any voltage from 3.3V to 18V and the ouptut voltage may be any voltage from 3.3V to 18V Unused pins will be pulled low. As an added advantage the LS2 contains two 100nF capacitors to decouple the Vin and Vo power supplies.

To prevent breakage and to save on shipping costs the pins will not be soldered to the PCB.The pins are round, machine pins and are gold plated.

Made in the USA..

  1. I found a great use for these. Review by Larry

    They are pin for pin compatible with an teensyLC.
    Buy the pre soldered pins on the LC put them on a small breadboard. (I wish these LS2 Level Shifter chips were available pre soldered) - solder this board and add it to another small board but jump between the two boards, connecting the pins. Set pin 12 high on the LC for Vin. Add a power supply for your three motors. I suggest using the three of the same motors. (Posted on 12/11/15)

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