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Project Board 1

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The PB1 project board is designed specifically to make your first projects with the EzSBC1 easy and fun. The board contains voltage regulators, connectors, 4 relays, two L298D motor drivers, an LM35 temperature sensor, a light dependent resistor and 4 500ma open drain outputs. In addition, all the IO pins of the EzSBC1 are brought to header pins that are clearly marked with the function of the pin. There are I2C pins with pull-up resistors, SPI pins and four connectors for hobby servos with background PWM generation. The L298D ICs have large copper areas attached to the center pins of the ICs to improve heat dissipation. There is room for a 170 contact solderless breadboard.  Alternatively circuits can be soldered down in the area with the 0.1" spaced holes. Three rows of holes provide 5V, 3.3V and ground connections in the breadboard area. The relays and L297D outputs have screw terminals installed for easy and secure connection to off-board devices. The board can be powered by a 7V to 12V mains adapter with 9V being the recommended voltage. The on board 3.3V and 5V regulators are fitted with heatsinks and are powered directly from the incoming supply. The L297D may take its supply from the 5V regulator or directly from the mains adaptor.

The Project Board fits into a PACTEC CM5-125 standard case available from Mouser Electronics

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