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PSU5 LM323K Replacement

PSU5 LM323K Replacement

Product Review (submitted on April 5, 2018):
Installed several of these on pinball machines, especially on WPC89 power driver boards. Works exactly as expected, with a word of warning though : it's necessary to use metal screws and nuts to maintain continuity between component and solder side. The first time I installed one of these, it didn't work at all, because the small washer under the factory nut was shorting with a small SMD resistor - at least short circuit protection works. So I reajusted the nut and it worked absolutely fine.

For my second try, I decided to use plastic nuts to avoid shorting the resistor. I only had 1,40 V on the +5V test point. I took the board apart only to realise continuity was missing for the "casing" of the regulator.

So : for pinball machines, use the factory METAL screws + washer AND make sure the nut isn't shorting the SMD resistor the closest to the mounting hole.